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This cottage is also situated in Enonkoski by the wonderful lake of Vuorijärvi, about 30 km away from Savonlinna. The cottage has two bedrooms and a cabin with a kitchen, there is also a shed and sauna by the lake. The main building is equipped with an electric stove, a dishwasher, refrigerator, television, radio, coffee maker, water boiler, and a microwave oven.

There is ample room in the lakeside sauna, and it features a shower and a washing machine. The whole complex is large enough to house seven guests. There are plenty of areas to explore while hiking or rowing by boat or canoe. Please note that extra arrangements need to be made for the canoe. The rent includes fishing licenses.

Enonkoski, 0,5ha
Vuorijärvi, gently sloping sandy/stony beach, suitable also for children , coastline 120m
parking at the yard (car plug)

grocery 14km, close neighbour 200m, restaurant 14km, bus stop 7km, railway station 30km, airport 17km

log house, 40m2, 5 + 2 sleeps
2bedr + hutkitchen + loft, 1.5-floors
winter habitable
built 1994

dock, rowboat
Energy ; power grid , electric lighting
fireplace, firewood
Sanitary ; water system / drilled well, Outhouse (non-flush outdoor toilet)
Hygiene ; shower, linen (12 €/set )
Cooking ; fridge , cellar, set of dishes
electric stove, gas stove, micro oven , stove (wood heated), coffee-maker, toaster
Cleanness ; dishwasher , washing machine , vacuum cleaner
Media ; TV, radio

sauna close to the shore, 12m2
wood-heated, 5-7 persons (max)
‘locker’ room, bathroom
built 2008



Prices for five persons
Weeks 1,2 and 25-32, no weekends 690 €

Weeks 3-24 and 33-50 490 €

Weekends 3 – 24 and 33 – 50 290 €

Midsummer 20. – 23.6.13 790 €

Christmas 22. -26.12.13 500 €

New Year 29.12.13 – 3.1.14 650 €

Check availability and pre-order!!