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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Ekin eräelämys KY and Saimaan Siima OY enforce the following terms regarding the rental of the cottages and the minibus: These terms become binding for both parties when the pre-rental payment by the client has been confirmed before the indicated date of payment.


For rentals ranging from 1 – 3 days in length, the full rent for the duration of the stay must be paid upon reservation, before admittance.

If renting for over 3 days, 20% of the total cost must be paid upon reservation, and the rest must be paid 30 days before admittance.

If reserving under short notice, (less than 30 days before planned admittance) the full cost of the rental must be paid immediately upon reservation.

The customer’s right to cancel the contract:

If you wish to cancel a reservation, we will seize the pre-paid value to cover the reservation expenses. Additional costs may be entailed.

If the contract is cancelled 30 days before planned admittance, only the pre-paid reservation cost will be seized to cover reservation expenses. If however cancellation is made less than 30 days before admittance, will the customer be entitled to a full refund on the funds spent on rent, only if the tenant or a person living in the same household as the tenant should fall seriously ill, have an accident, or pass away. In such cases must the customer show a valid doctor’s attestation regarding the situation. Please note that this does not, however, entitle to the refund of the capital paid in the pre-payment reservation cost.

The service provider’s rights to cancel the contract:

Ekin Eräelämys KY and Saimaan Siima OY has the right to cancel the contract if the customer does not execute the reservation pre-payment or full rent payment by the due date as stated by the contract.

In unforeseeable cases of force majeure, where the contract is cancelled, will the tenant be freed from liability and entitled to a full refund on reservation.

Residence in the cottages and on the ferryboat:

Upon rental, the customer receives full access to the cottage in question, starting at 15:00 on the first day, as stated on the contract. Furniture, dishes and cutlery, pillows and blankets, rowing boats and firewood are all included in the price. The tenant is responsible for the cleanliness of the premises for the duration of the contract, as well as cleaning up upon leaving the property. The tenant must be ready to check out from the property at 12:00 (midday) on the final day of the stay.

Should the tenant depart without cleaning up, will the tenant be charged a cost of 120€ to cover cleaning expenses.

Please note that smoking is always strictly prohibited indoors.

Regarding damage done to the property:

The tenant is responsible for notifying and covering any expenses regarding damage done to the structures, personal property or minibus incurred during the stay.

Number of people allowed:

There is a maximum number of guests that can be housed at each property, and it is clearly stated on this website. Any possible overnight guests must be informed of to the landlord.


Information on all unforeseen situations and notes must be forwarded to the landlord as soon as possible.